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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Sarah Deacon from The Bay Tree and Zoe Rees from Bliss Hair Therapy team up to create a beautiful bridal photoshoot.

The Bay Tree and Bliss Hair Therapy

Sarah, mum of two and ex teacher from Alvechurch started The Bay Tree in 2020 selling handpoured candles, wreaths and other gifts.  A few months ago following conversations in a women only network group she branched out to start The Bay Tree Florals making bespoke dried flower hair accessories. 

Zoe Rees, Bliss Hair Therapy, and Sarah Deacon, The Bay Tree Florals on The Table Read
Zoe Rees and Sarah Deacon

Zoe Rees who owns an award winning hair salon (Bliss Hair Therapy) in the village, also attends the network group and reached out to Sarah to offer advice and support to grow this side of her business, going into bridal hair accessories.  2 weeks later the 2 women spent 2 hours together in a wheat field and produced an incredible photo shoot showcasing both bridal hair styles and accessories.

Sarah Deacon

Sarah is an ex teacher of 10 year who left the teaching occupation after feeling trapped and suffocated by a job she once loved.  She left to follow her passion of creativity and now makes hand poured soy wax candles, melts, diffusers and wreaths. 

Sarah joined the Gin & Pickles network group not only to gain support for her business but to be around other like minded women and gain more links in the village.  Now working alone she missed being around others and having people to share ideas with and bounce off.  But she could never imagine how much of a difference it would make to her business. 

From initial conversations with Antje Farmer a local newborn photographer and now the support from Zoe Rees at Bliss Hair Salon, Sarah has a whole new arm of her business working with dried flowers.  Sarah says ‘I cannot thank Antje and Zoe enough for opening my eyes to a whole new exciting venture.  I absolutely love dried flowers and being able to make these bespoke hair accessories is a dream come true.’

Zoe Rees

Zoë established Bliss Hair Therapy in 2008 and is an educator and Digital Ambassador for Eleven Australia UK. Zoe has showcased her knowledge and expertise in shows, seminars and training events across the UK and Europe.  Zoe and her twin Sheree are both experts in bridal hair and run workshops to teach bridal hair. 

She joined the network group alongside Sarah to interact with other women and businesses in the village and has been able to share her expertise on Instagram to support others.  Hearing about Sarah’s new venture with dried flowers Zoe contacted her with images of bridal hair accessories she’d used before and questioned whether she could make something similar.

Sarah Deacon, The Bay Tree Florals, on The Table Read
Sarah Deacon

Fast forward 2 weeks and Sarah had made a small range of bridal combs and headbands so Zoe suggested that the pair should organise a photo shoot.  As with most new and existing businesses in the current climate, money was tight so the pair decided to do the whole shoot themselves. 

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Sarah modelled her own hair accessories and Zoe styled her hair and took all the photographs in the field behind her house.  The pair raided their own cupboards and those of friends for the outfits and the outcome was incredible.

Women Empowering Women

It is amazing what can be created when women support each other in business and have the drive to do it themselves and get things done!

Following the shoot the pair continue to support each other on social media and are planning to orchestrate another photo shoot soon including more local businesses.

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