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Emma Morgan writes under the pen name Morag Morgan and shares what inspired her to write her mental health awareness book, The Breakdown That Made Me, on The Table Read, “The Best entertainment magazine in the UK“.

Written by Emma Morgan

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The Breakdown That Made Me looks at not only Emma’s journey from illness to wellness, it also offers guidance and insight for others who may find themselves in a similar situation especially now as life has become hard for many during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Breakdown That Made Me

Based in Hayle Cornwall, 49-year-old Emma Morgan is the author of ‘The Breakdown That Made Me’ which was first published in November 2020. Since then she has received an immensely positive response and has sold many copies in the UK and India. 

The Breakdown That Made Me, Morag Morgan, Emma Morgan, The Table Read

Emma’s book explores the experience of having a complete mental health collapse whilst trying to be a mother to a toddler, while also looking at the way mental health is treated in other cultures. 

Emma offers many potential solutions including gut health, spiritual study, alternative medication, as well as traditional routes.  She firmly believes that every mental health collapse has its own story and its own way back to wellness.

This book enabled her to look at many of the differing routes back to wellness and she is delighted to be able to share her discoveries. 

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Mental Health

‘I feel so supported that everyone has praised me for speaking out about mental health and offering hope for recovery. What I didn’t bank on was getting attention in countries like India! To be in this position makes me so happy because when I had the breakdown I didn’t think I would ever survive, so to think that I am now giving others hope is a great comfort’ said Emma – pen name Morag Morgan.

It just shows how everyone is struggling on a global level with poor mental health. An Indian teenager left a voice message on my Instagram account the other day, she was in tears of happiness,  thanking me for writing the book. It also made me cry;  I was so glad the book had hit a note with people on the other side of the world.’

The Breakdown That Made Me, Morag Morgan, Emma Morgan, The Table Read

As part of her recovery she discovered many new hobbies including being taught foraging with her 83-year-old neighbour Raymond. They now meet weekly and she has found learning and extracting Raymond’s years of wisdom on the subject has helped her focus on healthy eating and getting in touch with nature again.

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Surviving Trauma

Emma says she feels like a different person after surviving such trauma and appreciates every moment with her son and loved ones. She reflects; ‘This is the one positive; when you have been through hell you become more empathic and kind and make the most of everything and everyone.

The book is available on Amazon from £4.25 on Kindle and £9.99 paperback

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The Breakdown That Made Me: How to recover and flourish from mental breakdown. A Mother’s harrowing story from darkness to hope. eBook : Morgan, Morag: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

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