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Bethany Corbin, The Legal Adventuress, on The Table Read

Written by Bethany Corbin

I am the founder of Legal Adventuress (, a blog dedicated to helping professionals achieve symmetry between high-powered careers and adventurous travel.

The Purpose Of The Legal Adventuress

The blog has two main purposes. First, it serves as a source of inspiration for professionals who are seeking a more balanced lifestyle (e.g., long-term remote work opportunities) that will allow them to continue climbing the corporate ladder without sacrificing personal goals and travel opportunities.

Legal Adventuress by Bethany Corbin, on The Table Read
Legal Adventuress by Bethany Corbin

To this end, the blog offers (or will offer in upcoming posts) advice about how to negotiate balanced work arrangements and explains why flexibility and balance are crucial for working professionals. Second, the blog provides travel itineraries and advice specifically geared towards working professionals with limited vacation time.

While many of the travel blogs today detail extravagant trips around the word or digital nomad lifestyles, those types of travel aren’t realistic for people who need or want to work a full-time job. My blog is here to show professionals how to balance work and travel. Further, it encourages fulfillment of lifelong goals now rather than postponing personal opportunities until career milestones have been achieved.

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Starting The Legal Adventuress

In addition to focusing on work-life balance and professional travel, my blog is also unique in that it is relatively new. It can be intimidating for new bloggers to start and dedicate time to their blogs when their main reference points are fully finished blogs that have been in existence of years. It’s important to showcase blogs at different stages in their lifecycles so that young writers can understand the dedication and perseverance that it takes to make a venture successful.

As a newer blog, I offer readers a window into my “work-in-progress”, which can help them better understand the various stages of blogging. It also gives new bloggers an opportunity to ask questions about my process and find processes that work for them. There are so many times I wished I could have seen how successful entrepreneurs and bloggers started their careers.

Legal Adventuress by Bethany Corbin, on The Table Read
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I’m hopeful that by showcasing a newer blog and allowing readers to follow its evolution that I can provide insights into this process for other bloggers.

What I Get From Blogging

Finally, you may be wondering why I started the Legal Adventuress and what I hope to gain from blogging. The Legal Adventuress was born from a medical emergency I suffered when I turned 30.

As someone who always prioritized work over health and happiness, I was constantly chasing the next promotion and the next raise. I missed travel opportunities and countless family events (including funerals) because I was scared to take a day off from work. I feared being seen as a lesser employee for prioritizing my own health and happiness.

My world crashed down when I went for a routine physical exam and was diagnosed with a large, 15-cm pelvic mass. The years of self-neglect had caught up to me, and I realized how much of my life I hadn’t lived.

The Legal Adventuress became my platform and outlet for advocating for change from the overworked, stressed, and busy culture that defines the American workforce. It was an opportunity to hold myself accountable for traveling and to fulfill my own personal goals while inspiring others to do the same. It’s also a plea to others that they shouldn’t wait for a health crisis to prioritize their health and wellbeing.

With each post I make for the Legal Adventuress, my goal is to inspire at least one other person to value their life, family, and free time. Slowly, I hope we can change the work culture in America to prioritize the symmetry between work and life.

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