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Inspector Isabelle Cannon from Pete Worrall’s The Eyes trilogy makes a welcome return in his latest novel. In August 1982, a woman is found naked and strangled in the Montgomery Canal in Upton Waters. Fast forward eight years and the woman’s identity still remains a mystery. That is until Inspector Cannon arrives in town.

Inspector Isabelle Cannon

This latest novel from Pete Worrall sees the welcome return of his much-loved character, Inspector Isabelle Cannon. The Montgomery Canal Murder is a page-turning cold case mystery that oozes British backwater whimsy, but which also contains some profanity and adult themes.

Known more for horror/thriller novels, the author slips with ease into the whodunnit genre, this story is set seventeen years prior to those events in which readers first met the Inspector.

A thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end, fans of Pete Worrall will happily devour this latest work, and those that have not read his work previously will be inspired to read more from this hugely talented British writer.

The Montgomery Canal Murder

August 27th, 1982.

By the sleepy town of Upton Waters lies a disused and overgrown section of the Montgomery Canal. Its stagnant water hides a grim secret. During summer’s heatwave, the water level drops to expose the body of a strangled, naked woman caged in an upturned shopping trolley.

New Year’s Eve 1990.

The bullish Inspector Isabelle Cannon is transferred to Upton Waters Police Station as part of a disciplinary procedure. In an effort to keep her out his way, Sergeant Williams gives her the unsolved murder of the woman dragged from the Montgomery Canal in 1982.

Expecting to only be posted to Upton Waters for a couple of weeks, Isabelle is reluctant to invest in the unsolved murder yet, her interest is piqued when she learns the dead woman remains unidentified. Who is she, why was she murdered and is the killer still living in Upton Waters?

About Pete Worrall

Pete Worrall is an independent author who watched far too much Doctor Who, Miss Marple and Hammer Horror films when he was young. His favourite authors are Ian Fleming, Robert Goddard, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. 

in 2008 he released his debut novel, ‘They Grow Upon The Eyes’. The sequel, 2011’s “The Doom of the Hollow’, followed to critical acclaim with ‘The Unforeseen Children of Olive Shipley’ completing the trilogy in 2013.

Two ghost story shorts, ‘Goet’ and ‘The Devil’s Composer’, were released in 2014 and he contributed music reviews, articles, features and interviews for a couple of online music magazines.

After attending the MET Film School in London in 2015 to learn more about screenplays, he returned to story writing with 2017’s novella, ‘The Shimmer at Fog Cottage’ and followed it up with 2018’s The Devil’s Accompanist which was the full length follow up to 2014’s The Devil’s Composer. After taking a break to focus on music, he returns to prose with his latest book ‘The Montgomery Canal Murder’ being released on February 11th, 2022.

He lives in the north of England with his Greyhound, Marley.

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Published by The Paz Workshop on 11th February 2022, The Montgomery Canal Murder is available in paperback (£10), Hardback (£17) and on Amazon Kindle (£4.99)

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