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Timothy Abbot Music on The Table Read

Written by Timothy Abbott

How I Find My Music

Music comes to me many times out of the clear blue. One example? Driving down the road, something pops into my head. A riff. Or a lyric. Sometimes, both. I have  some scrap of paper and I jot the idea down. Or grab my iPhone, which I then talk or sing into to capture the raw idea. I capture the original melody. I get home and take that idea, and I build it. 

I don’t have a set pattern to any of it, and I don’t play an instrument. I don’t need to. I hear the song in my head, and once it is mapped out, I can start to add layers of guitars, or keys, or horns, or whatever. I can morph it into any style, and I can hear it all upstairs. T

he guys I’ve worked with the most over the past 20 yrs- musicians Gregg Kirk, Mark Epstein, and Matthew Smith- understand how I write, my unique method.

Anyone can write music using this approach. You don’t need to graduate from Berkeley or Julliard to write music. 

Writing Songs

I never cease editing. Especially on lyrics. Both Matt Smith and Mark Epstein educated me well. Sage advice they gave was “I hear what you want to say.  But can you say it better?” has helped me to avoid clichés and dead ends. 

Timothy Abbot Music on The Table Read

I’m inspired to create more music by what I have achieved so far, especially in the past 11 yrs. My comps are solid. Performances are solid. How can that not inspire a creator?

No Limits To Creativity

I feel there are no barriers to my creativity. Not being tied to any one instrument has allowed me to work with a number of artists who shine on theirs. In my city, there are no shortages of quality players with experience that I can tap into.

My only hold back is funding. I even try to slow down the writing process, because I cant possibly record all these songs. Where some people have a writer’s block, I suffer the opposite. I have far too much to choose from, and it becomes a dog fight between my own songs, as to which ones I want to roll out.

It’s not a quantity thing, its a quality thing. I take my time recording these babies. What the listener hears is what I created. All my songs come from that small idea in my head that was nurtured. Other writers want me to put lyrics to their music, which I do. But my best stuff is my material, my melodies, and my lyrics. 

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