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Written by Corrina Turner

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The Power of Community

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The power of community
Is what can give us immunity
From feelings of being alone
And always wanting to moan

To be there and help out
Can eliminate peoples doubt
To have each others back
Can help us not be so slack

A heart felt chat with next door
Can help you to feel more sure
A cup of tea over the road
Can help reduce the load

To really see who people are
Not judge them by their car
To give your neighbour the time
It could help them feel fine

We’ve spent many decades apart
That’s damaged our hearts
We’ve been so consumed by the fast pace
That we are constantly on the chase

Is it not time to slow down?
And turn around our frowns
Connect with each other more
Create a community that’s more pure

If there is something that I’ve learnt
It’s that we’ve all been burnt
So let’s help each other through
Connect and feel more true

There are so many with good hearts
Who want to feel like they are a part
Of something that they belong to
With so much they want to do

We all have different skills
Some of us very strong wills
Together we can stand
And take each other by the hand

It’s a time of coming together
Let’s create a new forever
Let’s come together as one
Because it will be so much fun

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