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In response to the first episode of the major new six-part Channel 4 reality series The Simpler Life, where 24 Brits must embrace Amish living, Libbear Barton’s owners are giving viewers a behind the scenes look at the set’s location. Explore The Simpler Life’s Farm location on The Table Read, “The Best entertainment magazine in the UK”.

Libbear Barton, The Simpler Life, Channel 4 Farm House, The Table Read
Libbear Barton

The true star of the show: the stunning Devon farm you can visit for a holiday.

The Simpler Life

The home of the hit TV show, The Simpler Life is a beautiful farmstead, Libbear Barton, in North West Devon that you can visit for a holiday.

The property comprises four luxury, self-catered holiday lets accompanied by a beautiful, heated indoor pool, soft play and playground.

Set in 40 acres of the stunning rolling hills of North Devon that viewers fell in love with, the stunning Georgian farmhouse and barn conversion cottages sleep up to 40 people.

Max Manners, Libbear Barton’s general manager, said: “Tuesday night’s premier of The Simpler Life on Channel 4 left viewers in no doubt that living in the countryside is not for everyone. But even the most city-centric of us still love to occasionally escape there on holiday. We specialise in family friendly holidays for those who enjoy the outdoors but want to know that there is plenty to do indoors too should the weather not be perfect…which it occasionally is not!”

Libbear Barton, The Simpler Life, Channel 4 Farm House, The Table Read

Stylish And Modern Country Home Libbear Barton

But if you are looking for the “simpler life” experience you will not find it here. Having undergone a recent refurbishment, viewers would have difficulty recognising the accommodation.

Gone are the sparse, candlelit bedrooms and stripped back furnishings you would find in an Amish community. Instead, you can expect to find stylish, modern, country homes offering the highest level of comfort.

Despite the departure from the Amish tradition of eschewing modern life, Max and Alex Manners, who run the site, still aim to create a business that is as sustainable as possible.

Solar powers a large proportion of the site’s energy requirement with the rest supplied through green renewables. The water supply is delivered from an on-site borehole and windblown trees provide fuel for heating in the winter months. The couple also aspire to a level of self-sufficiency.

“We have been inspired by what the contributors were able to achieve in a short time,” explains Alex Manners. “We aim to continue to cultivate the land for vegetables and raise our own meat much like they did on the show. Holiday guests will be able to collect eggs and pick veg for the table during their stay – hopefully inspiring them to live in a way that minimises their impact as much as possible.”

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