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Announcing THE SOUL’S BRAIN: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition – by Dr Catherine Wilkins, the Healer’s Healer and founder of the system of Fractology.

From a young age, Dr Catherine Wilkins realised she was tuned into a slightly different frequency to others – conversing with other children hundreds of kilometres away via telepathy and being visited by divine guides – all seemed easy and the norm to her. Her family, deeply entrenched in science, didn’t understand her gifts.

The resulting confusion led her to ‘switch off’ her intuition or right brain. Shutting down so much of herself made her unwell but, during her studies to be a vet, she realised how you could balance intuition and logic – that conscious intuition was possible.

The Soul’s Brain

 THE SOUL'S BRAIN: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition - by Dr Catherine Wilkins, the Healer's Healer and founder of the system of Fractology. on The Table Read

The Soul’s Brain reveals the principles of conscious intuition, and is the result of Dr Catherine’s life’s work, which is how to use the patterns of our lives to translate between intuition and science. Understanding the neurology and logic of your intuition will allow you to live a truly brilliant and inspired life.

Your intuition holds the key to a truly inspired life. It can, however, bring with it an increased sensitivity, so overwhelming that some find it hard to operate in day-to-day life. Others feel foolish or weird when acknowledging their intuition. In a world focused on science we have amazing technology and vast physical abundance. However, ignoring our intuition has deprived us of untold benefits in our careers, well-being, and relationships.”

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Dr Catherine Wilkins

In the book, Dr Catherine Wilkins guides the reader through the nine-step process to conscious intuition. Learning how tuning into your intuition is a skill like any other – all it takes is knowledge and practice. Science and spirituality have a common language. There’s no longer a need to choose between science and intuition – use both and achieve your full potential.

“Intuitive mastery brings with it many advantages. It’s a huge source of problem-solving and innovation. It makes it far easier to move into the unknown, to expand your life and achieve your potential.”

This book is for anyone already doing the work, but who wants to go to the next level; it’s for anyone who wants to master their intuition and create a fulfilling life.

About The Book

The Soul’s Brain is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It changes the paradigm on intuition from a mysterious and uncertain gift afforded to a rare few – or an occasional unreliable insight – to a consistent and reliable skill. Now anyone who wants to can learn this skill. Read this to learn the nine necessary steps to master your intuition, the key to creating a life of brilliance and fulfilment for yourself.

 THE SOUL'S BRAIN: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition - by Dr Catherine Wilkins, the Healer's Healer and founder of the system of Fractology. on The Table Read
  • Your intuition already knows you’re brilliant and is waiting to show you how to step into your greatest potential.
  • This is a book about you and the less understood side of your brain which holds all the secrets of how to master your intuition.
  • Your intuition is as practical a life-skill as reading and writing. You spent years learning to work with the left or analytical side of your brain. Now you can learn how to work with the right, or creative and intuitive, side of your brain just as consistently and reliably.
  • In this book Catherine explains each of the nine steps necessary for you to achieve conscious intuition. Each step increases your energy and personal confidence as you build towards a ‘whole brain’ system for a brilliant life.
  • The book includes links to meditations to assist you to access your authenticity which is profoundly connected to your intuition, as well as exercises to activate and experience all nine steps of growing your conscious intuition.
  • The Soul’s Brain is published by Hay House International, the world’s leading publisher of mind, body, spirit and personal growth titles.

About Dr Catherine Wilkins

Dr. Catherine Wilkins author of The Soul’s Brain, published by Hay House, is a skilled practitioner working at the leading edge of modern psychic healing. Her psychic gifts and a solid medical and metaphysical understanding of illness and the body enables her to work uniquely with healing energies. This means she can go directly to the source of mental or physical ailments, diagnose what underlies it and bring about healing by working both at a spiritual and practical level. 

The practice she’s pioneered – Fractology – has taken healing beyond the usual limitations of traditional physical, as well as the more esoteric psychic healing, into a new realm. In her roles as healer, teacher and author, she’s making a major contribution to the healing arts and sciences.

She’s the one other healers seek out to improve their techniques or to trouble-shoot their skills. For nearly thirty years she’s been perfecting and teaching her unique system of Fractology, facilitating clients and students in developing their own conscious intuitive logic, and balancing the left and right sides of their brain. 

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Available from Amazon  | Price £12.15 paperback | £9.79 Kindle

Published by Hay House International 

In 2019 Hay House International published her book  The Soul’s Brain: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition.

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