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12 stories that provide inspiration and hope for those wanting to create life on their terms and break free from the limitations of the past.

The Unbound Press Presents: ‘Awakening Legacy’ Curated by Legacy Coach, Sarah Parkes on The Table Read

Awakening Legacy

Available from 22 November 2021 and accompanied by 14 days of #randomactsofawakening; ‘Awakening Legacy’ is a transformational book of carefully curated tales of wisdom, inspirational life lessons, and empowering stories.

There are 12 inspirational contributors each touching on their own definition of their legacy they wish to capture for generations to come. Stories around life events or awakening moments that led them to make different choices, ones that enabled them to break free from the limitations of the past.

Sarah Parkes

The book is curated by legacy coach, Sarah Parkes; a mum of 3 children, speaker, podcaster and former CBeebies Presenter – for Sarah, her children have always come first – and as a coach her motivation, is the happiness of the families she has helped and supported. 

Passionate about social change and the need to redress the balance between the masculine and feminine values in society; ‘Awakening Legacy’ brings into being the qualities and changes that can shift us back into balance and inspires us all to consider how to live our purpose and create our own legacies’.

When we start anything, a family, a business, a book, the journey and transformation begins as soon as we make the decision. When I connected with my purpose, my ‘why’ behind what I do beyond my family, what my legacy might be, what I wanted to share was this, says Sarah, “To help create a legacy of feminine social change, so our children can grow up in a world where feminine & masculine qualities are equally respected & valued.”

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A Collection Of Inspiring Stories

‘Awakening Legacy’ is a collection of inspiring chapters from a variety of people who all have a big vision, a mission to make an impact on many lives, for the good of all. Providing inspiration and hope for those wanting to create life on their terms and break free from the limitations of the past. It also includes practical insights and tools to support the reader through the journey. 

The Unbound Press Presents: ‘Awakening Legacy’ Curated by Legacy Coach, Sarah Parkes on The Table Read
Sarah Parkes

This book has come into being – to inspire, awaken – and enable the reader into conscious action. To begin to connect or reconnect you with your legacy, your purpose. Those who want more, felt more and desired to be outside the constraints of the family you grew up in, and the society you live in.

As the book arrives in the world, the cohort of authors are sparking a movement, called “Random Acts of Awakening”, to organically share this conscious action and reconnection with purpose and legacy. The invitation is to take part in the #randomactsofawakening activities, and to be part of helping others to awaken to their own purpose and gifts.

For all the awakening soul led entrepreneurial change makers, may these stories guide you home to your purpose.

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Praise for Awakening Legacy

“If I could sum this book up in one word it would be “powerful” – it unleashes, it teaches, it heals, it connects, it inspires… a rare treat that people need to read right now.” 

Lianne Marie Mease- Ethical Marketing Consultant

About the Authors 

About the Unbound Press

The Unbound Press, is a heart-led publishing imprint for unbound souls, founded by author, writing coach and radio presenter, Nicola Humber. Nicola launched the Unbound Press to help women write the book their Unbound Self is calling them to write, whilst growing a community of soul-family readers and clients.

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