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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Wild Egg is the debut novel from author Jennifer Flint, and it tells the story of Hollie Hardwick, and her choice of whether or not to have a baby.

Wild Egg

As her biological clock is about to strike twelve, her husband declares he wants a baby and Hollie must come off the fence of her ambivalence and make a choice – before the chance slips away.

Will Egg by Jennifer Flint on The Table Read
Wild Egg

Afraid of living with regret, she tries increasingly desperate measures to move beyond her busy mind and hear the wisdom of her heart. When her truth finally speaks and the door to motherhood slams shut, Hollie is left with a burning question … Now what?

In a bid to find her answer, she finds herself drawn to a Buddhist Island which sparks a spiritual journey of discovery as she goes in search of a way to live her one, wild, childfree life.

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Inspired To Write Wild Egg

For Wild Egg’s Author, Jennifer Flint, this novel is a reflection of her own life, and her dilemma around making the choice to have a child free life. 

It was her own husband’s heartfelt plea declaring he would love to have a baby, that triggered a journey of descent into what Jennifer began to call her ‘vulnerability apprenticeship’. As she tried to break the deadlock of her uncertainty around whether or not to have children, she searched in vain for a deep, raw and messy story that would help her feel less alone.

Jennifer Flint

During lockdown, Jennifer joined an online writing group, determined to fulfil a long-held ambition to write a book inspired by her father’s life. To her surprise, Wild Egg began to download, and invited her to create the very story she had searched for seven years ago.

“I realised I needed to voice what I had experienced, and what so many other women also experience, the expectations that society places on us and the judgement we feel when we choose a different path.” Says Jennifer, “Writing Wild Egg became a way for me to more deeply claim my power, and to show that giving birth to a biological child is not the only way to become a fully realised woman”

This fabulous summer read is for those women who are questioning whether motherhood is their path and considering the childfree-road-less-travelled. 

Jennifer Flint on The Table Read
Jennifer Flint

It is also for women who are searching for a deeper experience of being alive, beyond the role of being a mother – either because they are already childfree (by choice) or childless (not by choice), or are searching for renewal in midlife now that their children are adults.

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About Jennifer Flint

Jennifer Flint is a leadership coach, mentor, independent celebrant, and speaker. She lives by the seaside in the North-East of England with her dog, Pip. She enjoys spending free time in her off-grid cabin in Northumberland.

About The Unbound Press

The Unbound Press is a soul-led publishing imprint for unbound women founded by author, writing coach and radio presenter, Nicola Humber. Nicola launched the Unbound Press to help women to write the book their Unbound Self is calling them to write, whilst growing a community of soul-family readers and clients.

Nicola is the author of three transformational books, Unbound Writing, Heal Your Inner Good Girl and UNBOUND. She’s also the founder also runs the Unbound Writing Mastermind membership which is a deeply creative and transformational group. 

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