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Mysterious events haunt Montana town

The U.S. government has long admitted that there are unexplainable and bizarre things flying in the sky that no scientists can explain.  But has one filmmaker taken it too far?

An area in western Montana known as Redgate, has been the subject of many reported paranormal and UFO sightings, activities, and shocking bizarre murders.

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Patrick Cutler

Patrick Cutler, an independent filmmaker, claims to have footage of not only UFO and alien activity, but also images that he alleges are directly connected to recent fatalities in the area, and authorities have begun to ask questions.

“The film started out as one thing, and now it has turned into something completely different, and darker than I ever imagined.  The things that I have stumbled upon will completely blow your mind,” said Cutler.

UFO, paranormal, and alien research experts would classify the Redgate area as high strange, as a lot of bizarre and unexplainable events have happened in the area.

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Unexplained Activity

Five months ago, the government released a 9-page unclassified report to Congress of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) aka UFOs, that detailed 144 different incidents, which 143 of them were unexplained activity.  Despite the government attempting to bury the report, questions still remain.

After releasing some of his footage online this past week, Cutler has come under intense scrutiny and interrogation by government officials, who have thus far declined comment.

“At this point, I’m really honestly worried about my safety and not sure where this is all going to end up.  I can’t say anything more at this time.” Cutler said as he abruptly ended the interview.

The Pentagon has quietly investigated aliens since 2007, and have stated that “Some UFOs pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security.”


Since 9/11, all matters of ‘US national security’ have been heavily investigated, and the Redgate area is no different.  
What is really happening at Redgate? Only time will tell.

As for right now:  It’s classified.

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