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Author and political advocate Jason Fisher will release his memoir and testament to true love, To Where You Are, on Valentine’s Day 2022. This moving tribute to his late wife details Fisher’s story of discovering unconditional love, dealing with grief and trauma after losing his wife and soulmate unexpectedly, becoming a single parent of a child with a rare disability, and forging a new path forward.

To Where You Are by Jason Fisher on The Table Read

To Where You Are

“I spent many years summoning the emotional courage to write this book—our love story. It kept calling to me, and I never gave up because it was a story worth telling,” says Fisher. “The memories that I made with my wife, particularly in the short time we were together with our daughter as a family, are priceless to me.”

The heartache following his young wife’s sudden death led Fisher on a tumultuous journey as a widower and a single father to a 2-year-old daughter with special needs, requiring him to adapt to a world he had never imagined facing.

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Through his grief and pain, Fisher is reminded of “how special my wife, Mandi, was as a person. She was the brightest star in my universe and taught me so much about the meaning of unconditional love.

“Life is unpredictable and can give you incredibly difficult challenges at times,” he continues. “The road to healing after facing a crisis is rarely straight or paved smoothly. Surrounding yourself with people who amplify the best version of yourself and give you that confidence boost when you need it most is paramount.”

Working For Change

Now seeing the world through a different lens, Fisher committed himself to speaking out when he saw things that needed to change. As he realized the considerable support needed to work full-time and care for a child with a disability, Fisher began to see that changes were needed in government legislation to make a positive, more meaningful difference in people’s lives.

To Where You Are by Jason Fisher on The Table Read

Awakened by a new sense of purpose, Fisher ran for the United States Senate in one of modern history’s most watched races. “I wanted to use my personal experience, along with my academic and professional skill set, to give back in a more meaningful way. Mandi was an indirect catalyst and strong motivator for that happening,” he says.

“Through writing this book, and through watching my daughter grow and persevere, I have gained a measure of closure that eluded me for so long,” Fisher adds.

About Jason Fisher

Jason Fisher is a nonprofit executive, a passionate community advocate and a proud father to his daughter, Mackenzie, who has a rare chromosomal disorder and accompanying disabilities. He was married to his wife, Mandi, for nearly six years before she passed away unexpectedly at the age of 30.

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Website: www.towhereyouare.org

To Where You Are

Publisher: Warren Publishing, Inc

Release Date: February 14, 2022

ISBN-13: ‎978-1-954614-95-6 Hard Cover

ISBN-13: ‎978-1-954614-96-3 Soft Cover

Available for pre-order on https://www.warrenpublishing.net

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