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Plamil Foods - Veganuary - 1000mt Extra Vegan Chocolate Refining Capacity - on The Table Read
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Plamil the original vegan company announces 1000mt increase in vegan chocolate refining capacity.


Plamil’s new chocolate refinery will double current capacity enabling an extra 1000 tonnes per year to be processed. In a twelve-month period Plamil will have invested almost GBP1m on a state-of-the-art facility, refining, processing and associated equipment.

The company supplies many brands and manufacturers, and the extra capacity has been created to meet the foreseen increase in demand of the ongoing trend to ‘all things plant based’ with vegan chocolate, compounds and coatings used by manufacturers as an ingredient.

Plamil is a family business led by CEO Adrian Ling, known widely as the industry’s ‘Vegan Willy Wonka’. Ling states ‘we are very proud of the inward investment we have made, enabling us to better meet existing customer demand but to also develop and work with customers in creating formulations and formats which solve specific requirements.

New Refinery

The new refinery is highly automated but has also been commissioned with the goal of minimising environmental impact for every kg made. Plamil chose a process system which reduces carbon footprint by using less power consumption per kg – from renewably sourced electricity and to almost eliminate water consumption entirely.

Ling comments, ‘Customers are not only looking for ethically and environmentally certified vegan chocolate, but with the challenges of importation criteria due to Brexit, many companies are looking to now source their chocolate from within the UK. Even more so now with our organic certified range.

Plamil Foods - Veganuary - 1000mt Extra Vegan Chocolate Refining Capacity - on The Table Read

Plamil is committed to manufacturing ‘free from’ products, so all their products are guaranteed to not contain milk, an essential criteria when supplying companies wishing to manufacture vegan and free from products.

The chocolate and compounds range includes dark, white and no added sugar varieties with vegan milky range made from rice or oats.

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Following the launch of their new website the new extra capacity is just a part of Plamil’s’ investment plan, with additional investment continuing in 2022 making the company a significant supplier in the UK.

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