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Taylor Kovar, The Money Couple, on The Table Read

Written by Taylor Kovar

Being able to speak into someone’s life has always been one of my greatest passions. Even as a kid, I had no fear of speaking. Whether that meant being the voice of encouragement to a friend, or being in front of hundreds of people on a stage, fear never kept me from pursuing that passion. From preaching at our local church, to international youth rallies (which eventually led me to becoming a youth pastor), the idea that the words I say can have a direct impact on the lives of those around me was inspiring.

As I grew up and became a small business owner, I was thrown into a lot of different speaking opportunities—but there was one way of conveying my message that had never really occurred to me: blogging!

Money Problems

Flashback to 2007,  I married my high school sweetheart who I had been dating for around 7 years at the time. I speak for both of us when I say that we thought we had this marriage thing figured out. “We’ve already been together for 7 years, what else could we possibly have to learn about one another?” Boy, were we wrong. And although we just celebrated 14 years of marriage, what most people don’t know is that by our first wedding anniversary, we were ready to throw in the towel. It all came down to this one little thing called MONEY.

The Money Couple on The Table Read
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The financial differences that we faced were more than either of us wanted to deal with anymore. Spoiler alert: we worked it out. But this instance is what actually led to us acquiring our brand, The Money Couple.

Starting To Write

In 2016 I began writing. Thoughts, dreams, passions, you name it, I wrote it down. The difference between writing your thoughts versus speaking them out loud is that you normally have a tangible audience whose reactions are there to let you know whether you’re doing a good job or not. With blogging, you may pour your soul into an article and never know the impact that was made or if anyone actually even saw it in the first place.

Initially, I was writing content based solely on my own personal knowledge and opinions and clicking the post button. No rhyme or reason, no special tactics or advertisement, just me and my words against the other 600 million blogs all fighting to be #1.

September of 2020, Megan and I realized that the things that we have been through together were not to just be written off as the normal ebb and flow of marriage difficulties, but that maybe we could take the trials that we experienced in our marriage and finances, and use that to help others who may be finding themselves in the same –if not worse– predicaments. And thus, our Money couple journey began.

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The Money Couple

As a brand that focuses on marriage and finance-related content, we write articles that include the top Google keywords that best represent our brand. We want to help reach audiences that are struggling, such as the wife who is desperate for marriage guidance, or the husband who feels as if he isn’t providing for his family. That’s why when we are creating content for The Money Couple, we are intentional with the keywords that we use, as well as the advice that we give.

Having a good SEO strategy, such as keyword research and competitive analysis (AKA, being aware of what others in your field are doing), can and will be the difference in whether or not your blog is successful. Social media is a great outlet for brand awareness, but there is only so much information you can cram into 280 characters. With blog creation, we are able to provide an additional resource to these people with the hopes of impacting their marriages and overall lives.

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The Money Couple on The Table Read
The Money Couple

The Importance Of Hard Work

With divorce rates in the US at an all-time high, we’ve become desensitized to divorce. So much so that it’s almost always our first go-to instead of our last resort. Don’t believe me? Just hop on marriage and relationships forums for 5 minutes and you’ll see more comments saying “Leave” than any comments encouraging people to fight for their spouse. Fighting for it takes effort, and in the instant gratification society we live in, hard work isn’t attractive anymore. Why would I put in the work to fix this relationship when I can leave and find another person who doesn’t have all of the issues that you have?

One of our dear friends and marriage and family therapist, Jeremy Gilliam, said something so profound that will never leave my mind. “You don’t get an oil change because there is something wrong with your car, you get an oil change to prevent something from going wrong with your car.” Marriage is the same way, you don’t have to wait until your marriage is failing to seek help and attend therapy.

We write and create the content that we do so that couples can have the resources that they need to keep their relationship gears turning, and to help aid in the prevention of marital issues before they ever come up.

Blogging Advice

Can you create a successful blog by writing about things you’re not passionate about? I’m sure you could. Smack some affiliate links in there, become a social media influencer and you’re sure to make your numbers rise. But you can still accomplish those things all while staying true to the thing that made you start in the first place. What’s your “why”? Mine, as I mentioned earlier, is to reach and inspire people through the hardships and struggles that I’ve gone through in my own life. To shed light on the issues that nobody really wants to talk about, and maybe even be able to provide that last bit of hope that people are searching for.

That’s my “why.”

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