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Wales Interactive and Good Gate Media are proud to announce its latest FMV interactive game: WHO PRESSED MUTE ON UNCLE MARCUS? starring Andy Buckley (The Office, Keeping Company, Jurassic World) as Uncle Marcus, Abigail Hardingham (Nina Forever, The Missing), Susannah Doyle (Black Mirror, Drop The Dead Donkey, About A Boy), Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time, Pinocchio), Georgia Small (Struck, Five Dates) and Al Weaver (Colette, Peterloo, The Complex) and directed by Award-winning Steven Sheil (Mum & Dad), will be released 18th March on PC & Mac (via Steam), iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and available to pre-order 4th March.

Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus? on The Table Read

Who Pressed Mute On Uncle Marcus?

WHO PRESSED MUTE ON UNCLE MARCUS? is an eccentric FMV murder mystery with a twist: someone has poisoned Uncle Marcus. Uncover the truth in the yearly family quiz and try to save him before it is too late.

Every year, Abby’s mum has a family quiz on her birthday. It’s a long-held tradition, one that brings the whole rich and eccentric family together – and one that Abby dreads. But this year’s quiz comes with a shocking difference… as it’s about to begin, her beloved Uncle Marcus tells her that he’s dying – and someone in the family has poisoned him. Abby is the only one he can trust… You must find out who the murderer is before it is too late.

Shot in lockdown and filmed simultaneously in London and Los Angeles this is from the studios behind The Complex, Five Dates, Night Book and Bloodshore.

Dr David Banner MBE, Executive Producer/Co-Founder, Wales Interactive said: “We’re proud to kickstart our 2022 slate of interactive movies with WPMOUM, a quirky murder mystery, co-produced by Good Gate Media, and developed with our in-house narrative tool WIST (Wales Interactive Scripting Tool). As fans of The Office (U.S.) we couldn’t be happier to have the hilarious Andy Buckley on-board as well as some familiar FMV fan favourites from the likes of Five Dates and The Complex.”

Producer and founder of Good Gate Media, John Giwa Amu said: “Uncle Marcus is Good Gate’s first adventure into the murder mystery genre and it’s been great to craft our sixth title with Wales Interactive. Award winning director Steven Sheil has put together an incredible cast and we’re excited for the audience to unpick the riddle piece by piece.”

WHO PRESSED MUTE ON UNCLE MARCUS? will be released 18th March on PC & Mac (via Steam), iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and available for pre-order 4th March

About Wales Interactive

Wales Interactive is a multi award-winning video game and interactive movie developer & publisher. Internationally we have become one of the driving forces behind the rebirth of the interactive movie with titles such as The Complex, The Bunker and The Shapeshifting Detective. In the process, we are reinventing the popular point-and-click FMV adventures and turning a niche genre into mainstream gaming.

Our titles feature high production values, blurring the lines between film and video games. We have refined the process of making interactive movies, having developed our own scripting tool called WIST, which allows any writer to easily create multi-directional, choose your own adventure scripts that will ultimately drive the final film.

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About Good Gate Media

Good Gate Media is a game development company based in Cardiff, Wales, run by John Giwa-Amu. 

The mission statement is to create interactive story games which allow the player to be the hero in their own movie. We specialise in live action, interactive games where audiences can be heroes of stories they help create. The games are commercially driven, featuring internationally acclaimed on-screen talent, reaching global markets on platforms like Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android, iOS and streamers.

The company made its’ first title, Sc-fi Thriller The Complex, financed with Wales Interactive, Great Point Media and Fields Park in 2019 starring Michelle Mylett, Al Weaver and Kate Dickie.

Good Gate Media has a wide and varied interactive slate including Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson’s seminal Fighting Fantasy book series which sold 23 million copies worldwide. The films will start with fan favourite Deathtrap Dungeon, and is scheduled for production in 2022. The company won a Clwstwr funding bid in October 2019 to test Real Time Rendering technology that will help realise the film’s grand scale and ambition.

Good Gate Media’s team has previous (multi award winning) experience in the film industry, and we have identified an opportunity to use our skills in the growing interactive story games sector of the games industry.

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