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Lindsey Wander, World Wise Tutoring, Blog, on The Table Read

Written by Lindsey Wander

I am an educator and a lifelong learner at heart. So when I first started blogging for my website in 2015, my primary focus was on providing actionable resources and advice for students. As such, many of my earlier posts focused on specific academic and enrichment subjects. Blogs entitled “Mastering Measurements,” “Guide to Gas Laws,” and “The Real Deal with High School Entrance Exams” filled our pages.

The Intent Of World Wise Tutoring

Lindsey Wander, World Wise Tutoring, Blog, on The Table Read

The intent was to provide downloadable, printable guides with clear explanations and extra practice in order to help students beyond tutoring sessions. And it worked!  I received countless emails from students thanking me for the free resources and explaining how the blogs helped them better understand a confusing topic, practice a difficult concept, or prepare for an upcoming exam. 

Over time, my “Student Handbook” blog began to also grow into a hub of resources for our tutors to access and utilize for tutoring. Recognizing this, I thus began to add in more content directly geared towards supporting educators. Blogs like “5 of the Most Effective Strategies to Improve Executive Functions” and “Now is the Time to Re-imagine the Educational System” were hits with our tutors and educators outside our company. Print-outs were given to students for them to keep in their binders as a reference and links were emailed for extra practice.

The Impact Of Lockdown

Lindsey Wander, World Wise Tutoring, Blog, on The Table Read
Lindsey Wander

With the COVID-19 pandemic school closures, I recognized that parents were now taking a more active role in their children’s education – and they were really struggling to do so. I knew that many parents in this unique position during this unprecedented time did not have the personal experience to assist their school-aged children nor the means to hire a professional. Plus, there were so many other challenges they were facing, like working and schooling at home. I wanted to help!

  So I started writing blogs like “How to Organize Time & Space During Remote Learning,” “Motivating Kids While Schooling at Home,” and “Me-Time & Socialization During Shelter in Place.” I even organized over 400 resources by age and subject in my “COVID Crisis Teaching at Home – Resources” six-part series.

The positive feedback from these posts was overwhelming! Students told us the resources kept them motivated and engaged. Parents told us their kids were so inspired by our recommendations, they even found or devised others for us to add. Teachers told us the guides were lifesavers for last-minute remote lesson plans.

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Blogs To Support Tutoring

Lindsey Wander, World Wise Tutoring, Blog, on The Table Read
Lindsey Wander

But, as just one person, I can only do so much. Part of why I founded my tutoring company was to still be able to help those students that I personally did not have the time to work with. As a tutoring company owner, I found myself in a unique position of teaching the teachers, so that my strategies could be used with even more students. Once I began to write blogs, I quickly realized that this was another way for me to expand my sphere of influence even beyond the students that Worldwise Tutoring directly serves.

The letters of gratitude from students, parents, and other educators affirmed that the resources and guidance I am providing are genuinely helpful. This makes me feel like I am actually making a difference in improving the educational journey and personal lives of others. I hope I am inspiring them to explore, motivating them to try, and encouraging them to learn – even if we are thousands of miles apart and will never meet. This is the best gift I can give to others.

The #1 Writing Tool
Lindsey Wander, World Wise Tutoring, Blog, on The Table Read

Business Benefiting from Blogging

Beyond these personal rewards, my business has also benefited from my blog posts. Many new clients have found us by reading one of the blogs. Plus, the increased traffic to our site because of the blogs has prompted other writers to asked to write blogs for us. I love that I can now help other aspiring writers by providing them with a platform for publication.  Most recently, organizations have been contacting me asking to place do-follow links and ads in our blog, which is generating extra income. I have been using this additional money to help fund the nonprofit tutoring company I recently founded, Educate. Radiate. Elevate. Thus, my blog is also helping me to help underserved students.

I never could have imagined how far my blog would take me and my business when I first started it several years ago. I am thankful for having the platform to help so many – simplify through my words.

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