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NFTs have been making headlines more and more and we have used the technology to create something new, something different.

Mini Mutants Jigsaw

The Mini Mutant jigsaw is made up of 72 separate NFT pieces with 150 instances of each piece. It’s just like 150 boxes of a 72 piece puzzle that have been mixed to form 10,800 pieces.

As you can see the artwork is of 6 Mini Mutants (which are part of our existing 10,000 NFT collection) visiting an art gallery. The exhibits in the gallery are reworks of other NFT projects with famous artists.

Cryptopunks in the style of Dali’s elephants
Apes in the style of Andy Warhol with a palette from the NFT Doodles collection
Cyrptomories in the style of Picasso

Owners aim to collect a full set by trading, collecting and swapping.

50% of the projects royalty payments are shared between owners of a complete set and there are regular spot challenges to keep engagement high. For example, prizes for holding all corners.

Each piece is 27 x 27 pixels and hand draw pixel by pixel making an artwork of 52,488 pixels.

Mini Mutants Art Gallery

This 72 piece jigsaw puzzle is a pixel artwork of 6 Mini Mutants visiting an art gallery to view pixelated works of art which are a fusion of other NFT projects and world famous artists. These include.

  • Punks in the style of Salvador Dali
  • Apes with Doodle palette in the style of Andy Warhol
  • Cryptomories in the style of Pablo Picasso

The project also has utility in the form of a monthly income for holders of a complete set and spot prizes for challenges.


Pieces of the jigsaw are priced based on their appeal. For example, a piece that contains a complete Mini Mutant is priced higher than one that is only of a wooden floor (even though the wooden floor has lovely grain and grooves).


The are 72 pieces to the jigsaw and 150 instances of each, making a collection of 10,800 NFTs.

Distribution and minting

All the pieces of the Jigsaw are already minted and are to be listed in stages. This is to ensure they are distributed between a wide audience. It would not be good for the collection if an owner held every instance of one piece. If they lost access to their wallet, no one could complete the Jigsaw.

The highest value pieces will be listed for sale first as a single person is less likely to purchase the majority. As more people are involved we will list more of the lower priced pieces as they will naturally be divided between more owners.

We will hold back a number of each piece incase the project stagnates which could happen if people are holding and not selling. We will release these pieces as a when is needed. However, the total is frozen to 150 of each piece.

Monthly income

The Mini Mutant Jigsaw will generate owners of the compete set (72 unique pieces) a monthly income, paid directly to their wallet address.

We collect a 10% royalty payment from every transaction and store it in our royalty wallet. Owners who hold a complete set are required to notify us of their claim which we will validate. At the end of each month we divide the total funds in the royalty wallet by 2 then divide this remaining total between the number of valid holder. We then transfer funds to all wallet addresses (gas fees are taken from our share). The remaining funds are then removed allowing the process to repeated each month.

We will cap the monthly payment to an individual at 0.5 ETH. This doesn’t mean we take any excess, it is just stored for future payouts. This is to ensure the longevity of the project as it helps maintain a regular income for holders and encourages more people to start collecting, which in turn increases demand on the limited supply.

Existing holders will not need to claim each month, we will store holders wallet addresses and validate them each time.

Spot prizes

There are also spot prizes each month for people to participate in. Prizes include ETH and NFTs from the original Mini Mutant collection.

Initial prizes

The first 10 people to complete the jigsaw can choose a rare NFT from the Mini Mutant prize collection. We will run this offer to help build momentum at the start of the project.

Challenge prizes

We will announce a challenge, for example, collect all the pieces that make the Dali painting, or own all four corners. The challenge will run for a set time allowing people to trade and collect. Then all owners can lay claim with their wallet address and will be entered into a draw. Winners will be selected and validated. Prizes will be ETH, other jigsaw pieces and NFTs from the original Mini Mutant collection. The prizes will be announced with each challenge so you know exactly what you are competing for.

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