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Written by Benedicta Brefo

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Benedicta Brefo on The Table Read
Benedicta Brefo

From depression to determination; how to create a determined mind in the state of depression

Life is not fair to humanity but if you know the tricks and mystery of it, you will be able to live up to your expectation. I had in mind that depression was a state of mental problems for only married couples but later I knew what actually depression is.

I fell sick that was beyond my imagination. I could not have a sense of togetherness at that state and again, people I needed comfort from them never had time for me. I became frustrated to the level of not seeing myself as a human being who think and plan for a progress. What a tragedy that happened to me. What could I have done in this state of life?

Learning To Value Myself

The only option was to value myself and motivate myself to think and plan positivity out of the situations I was going through, value the few people who had sympathy for me in this state and allowed myself to generate a sense of relieving herself from the thoughts that were aspirations and anxiety beyond its strength. I left go all my hopes about people who should have helped me but did not and change my mindset about life through seeing that life is indeed about how you want your life to me and work for it.

This became a deep reflection about my past life stories whereby people always reject me in my state of need but rather I always giving my everything I could help to make solutions to their needs.  I then identified myself well and realised the gift endowed in me that can make me impact the world without stress and uncertainties. My lesson now is working on yourself to impact lives with a passion and not working solely for money.

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Benedicta Brefo on The Table Read
From Depression To Determination by Benedicta Brefo

Writing My Book

This book is about my life story from childhood till now. Nothing had been done with the help of people I claimed to be loved ones. I always help these people with all that I have and can but on the turn of me, they do not give in as I did for me. I was a person I loved people easily to the extent of sharing my dreams and issues with them but that did not help me at all. They tried to discourage me with painful words causing deep hole of regret in having an idea about that. This was always causing problems, sorrows, and anxiety to myself that though I was a human being but was not of free mind because I was always thinking and finding “why” to these in my life.

I was always calling for help on why these attitudes to me with the idea of them knowing and having a sense of compassion with me that I was going through emotional pains due to their attitudes but never happened. Succeeding in a field of life was always done solely by me standing firmly working on what my instinct tell me and finding strangers who can help me when possible.

People always give out pleasant words to make the other person feel good but that is a sign of causing a failure. As said, I did trust people so much at first at the state of always relying on their advice and rejecting mine thinking that they did care and have concern in my life. Most of my thoughts were dead because of this attitude I portrayed. I was totally blind in seeing the mistakes about these some years ago but got relieved from this blindness through a word said by one of my claimed loved friends.

Benedicta Brefo on The Table Read
Benedicta Brefo

Sharing My Dreams To Help Woman

I shared my idea of how I want to help women in the world to solve the problems of depression and violence. After telling these friends about my intention, one of them said loudly, and I quote; “Bene, do not rely on us for your life because if you succeed, it will be in your name so learn to work on your own”. I was shocked and asked the repeat of these words and she did, Afterwards, one friend in the group just smiled and said, “Bene do not take it personal for she is just joking with you while ending his statement,” he said, “you this guy (referring to the previous speaker who is the lady) you are very bold to speak up your mind which is true but hard to say.”

This caused lots of pains, tears to me in the night and so I began to reflect, meditate, and pray to my Creator to help me in this level of life because I have known the thoughts of the people around me and again to forgive me in trusting solely in man for all of my needs.

Positive Changes

This was my turning point in life and after taking actions in building myself and dream, I have realised lots of positive changes in my life. This could not have happened if I did not pass through these pains. For it was the pains that caused me to think and change my style of living on this earth. I therefore encouraged every individual that the future of your life depends on how you work and think. Again, we should learn to work on any challenge that comes our way as that will lead you to your breakthrough and make you strong in life.

This story has great relation at this time of pandemic era as many have lost their jobs and loved ones. As humans as we are, we are required to expect challenges on our way because greatness is derived from the challenge. Again, having the challenge and not working on it is a great disaster so we must act on our challenge.

To my future authors, my great advice is letting yourself seen in the story of your book as well as writing from a sense of joy. This made me go to the extreme point of publishing my book to the world.

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