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Glenda Young, author of Murder At The Seaview Hotel, on The Table Read
Glenda Young

Written by Glenda Young

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a little girl. Now I’m, ern, a woman of a certain age, my dream has finally come true and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve had six sagas published so far by Headline, they’re dramatic, gritty stories set at the end of WW1 and star feisty young women whom I chuck everything and the kitchen sink at. There are more sagas coming too, so why have I decided to write my debut cosy crime Murder at the Seaview Hotel?

Choosing To Write Murder At the Seaview Hotel

Well, it happened in lockdown last year. With so much time on my hands, I decided to write a cosy crime because it’s something that’s been burning in me for years. Plus, writing a cosy crime set in contemporary Yorkshire is not too dissimilar to my historical sagas set in 1919. Before you throw up your hands in despair, let me tell you what I mean.

Murder at the Seaview Hotel is a fun, cosy crime set in a B&B in the seaside town of Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast. It stars a troupe of 12 Elvis impersonators, called Twelvis. When one of them is murdered and has his blue suede shoes stolen, Helen Dexter, landlady of the Seaview Hotel is on the case to solve the crime.

My Writing Style

Glenda Young, author of Murder At The Seaview Hotel, on The Table Read

My sagas are dark, one even has a murder. There are secrets and villains, crimes of all sorts. There are prostitutes and evil pimps, drunks, thieves, the dark underbelly of life. Making a leap to writing crime wasn’t too much of a stretch after that. I channelled my dark side to write my debut cosy crime. But it’s not all doom and gloom – there’s a great deal of humour, and it stars a feisty woman. Sound familiar?

I love my strong female leads and yes, I chuck everything and the kitchen sink at my sleuth, Helen.

Murder At The Seaview Hotel

I was inspired to write the cosy crime as I adore Scarborough, it’s my happy place, and I’ve always wanted to set a novel there. Reviews say that the sense of place in the novel is so strong, that people who haven’t visited Scarborough before now want to go… this makes me very happy! Headline loved the book and offered me a three-book deal. This means Murder at the Seaview Hotel will be the first in a series of three cosy crimes set in Scarborough with the fabulous Helen Dexter solving crimes while running her B&B.

And here is a fun, short teaser video on YouTube:

More About Glenda Young

Glenda Young writes gritty sagas set in a northeast mining village in 1919 and cosy crimes set in modern-day Scarborough. She is published by Headline. She has also written TV tie-in books for ITV’s Coronation Street and is an award-winning short story writer. She was one of six finalists in the coveted Clement & Le Frenais comedy award in 2019. Glenda also has a unique claim to fame, she’s the writer of Riverside, a weekly soap opera published in The People’s Friend magazine since 2016.

Murder at the Seaview Hotel is out on August 5 in ebook, hardback and audiobook. It is published in paperback in November. Buy now at

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