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On The Table Read ebook magazine UK, learn top ten simple and creative tips to help improve your golf game, including 3D model golf simulator games to learn and practice with.

We are surprised to see the number of golfers wasting their energy on the fields by making simple mistakes that can be corrected in a day or two. It’s a tragedy to see the golfers with potential, choosing shots that aren’t meant to be played by them, rushing the swing, and not being able to decide on a target.

However, if you’ve stumbled upon this article, you might be one of them. Congratulations to you for realizing your potential and trying to do something about it. So, without further ado, let’s get going.

Tip #1 Don’t Rush the Swing

Most amateur golfers try to swing the club as fast as possible from the buildup to the end. This does more harm than good. The right approach is to start slowly and let the weight of the head accelerate the club up until the impact.

golf player preparing to hit ball
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You must take your sweet time building the swing. Don’t rush into transitioning from backswing to forward swing. Let the club get as high as possible without making it come back down faster than needed. Your club must go to the top to build the potential energy up to make the shots more powerful and crisp. After all, you’re trying to hit the ball as long as possible.

Tip #2 Get a Golf Simulator

Golf simulators allow you to practice your game from the comfort of your own house. If you truly want to improve your game, a pro-level golf simulator could be the solution. Hitting the Golf Ball carefully reviews the simulators and other accessories to determine the best products for your requirement. Golf simulators precisely analyze your shots and render them in 3D models of famous courts. They also offer multiplayer game modes for those who can’t wait for the monsoon to end.

It’s advised that you invest in a durable, accurate golf simulator like SkyTrack and SIG12. With their software support and hundreds of pro golf courses, you can practice to your heart’s content without ever going to an expensive driving range.

Tip #3 Decide on a Target

Going long and fast isn’t the only objective in a golf game. Despite having the best swing techniques, many amateur golfers lose their way when it comes to putting the ball. The issue lies within the vision of the player. If you don’t put a target on the shot, you’d never be able to hit it where it matters.

The target doesn’t need to be a hole or a flag. While you are on the tee, before hitting the golf ball, consider looking around and setting a target in the form of trees, a patch, or another golf cart. Developing the shot around the target makes it easier for the player to adjust the club and the swing speed. With frequent practice, you’ll soon be able to detect targets that are far away and succeed.

Tips #4 Perfect Your Posture

Your posture before and while hitting the ball influences how well you’re able to hit it. A perfect posture generates the maximum amount of energy from your hips and legs and to the club. As it’s not a secret that to hit something harder, you need the support of your legs, engaging the hips and the core to the cause will give out better results.

Stand erect and hold your club pressed against your thighs simultaneously to the ground. Move the club down through the thigh by bending your hip and not the back. Try to flex your knees a bit forward for a more comfortable standing position. Once you’ve achieved a position where you can hang your arms straight down, grip the handle with your gloved hands and add the other hand to it. 

Tip #5 Consider an Anti-Slice Grip

A slice in golf occurs when you fail to introduce the whole clubface to the ball. A lack of posture and grip usually is responsible for the issue. A general solution is to widen the grip. Without moving your gloved hand, if you slide down the lower hand to the end of the grip, you’ll be presented with an anti-slice grip. Brush the grass with your club and get going.

Tip #6 Create Width at the Beginning

Work on turning your club as far as possible while back swinging. As the generated force is determined by the velocity of the club that you can generate, creating width at the beginning will maximize the effects.

a woman playing golf
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A little physics lesson for the amateurs. The final velocity of the clubface depends on the acceleration and the time. The acceleration is determined by your power and gravitational force. Which, mostly are, uninfluenced without you hitting the gym. But the time can be increased, effortlessly, just by creating a greater width at the beginning.

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Tip #7 Know Your Weaknesses

While playing on the course, your objective should be to maximize your score. In the plethora of choices presented to you, it’s reasonable if you fail to choose the best club and target for the next shot. In this confusing situation, it’s also understandable if you try to play shots that aren’t your strongest suit.

But, pro golfers don’t do that. They know what their weak points are and play accordingly. They do try to improve their weak points in the driving range but never fail to play by their rules while playing on a course.

Tip #8 Finish the Swing With a Crack

Try to generate a “crack” at the end of your swing cycle by moving your wrists and hands through the movement. Imagine a whip attached to your clubhead. As you need to snap your wrists in order to make a whip crack, try to imitate the same movements with your clubheads by ending the arc with the snap. This will empower you to use your wrists in addition to using your shoulders to generate power.

Baseball and cricket players also try to make use of this whipping strategy to maximize their bowling speed.

Tip #9 Don’t Slide Away

I won’t outright claim that this tip is the most critical, but it’s an important one. Sliding towards the target while back swinging or sliding away from the target while down swinging is neither appealing nor effective.

Try to center your weight between your stance to prevent yourself from sliding. If you slide while in the act, it may scare and prevent you from using the full clubface. The down swinging should be a result of rotation and not slide. As balance is very important in golf, minimizing any sliding movement will instantly make you a better player.

When starting, try to keep your dominant side knee fixated on the same position during the swing, which will prevent any early sliding caused by the weight of the club. However, when in transition, your lower body from hip and shoulders should be rotating with the swing to minimize any sliding.

Tip #10 Stay Still While Putting

A full swing requires your whole body to move. But putting demands control and precision. When you are close to the hole, it takes minimum to no effort to put the ball in. But amateur players lose their focus in excitement and try to swing the club as hard as possible; hoping to get the ball in.

While using a putter, try to stay still and only move the essential parts of your body to nullify any sudden unnecessary movements that may generate vector components and veer the ball off. Only engage your shoulders and arms while putting. Use your shoulders to backswing the putter and use your arms to generate the forward motion that you require.

Focus on your knees to keep yourself still while putting. If you can keep your knees from moving while putting, chances are that you’ll put plenty more through the day.

The Bottom Line

The tips mentioned above don’t require any special equipment or training. If you keep practicing the tips mentioned in this article in the driving range and give your best, irrespective of the hole, you might be able to increase your score all over the course. Before taking the shot, perfect your posture, pick a target, and get a good grip. While swinging, take your time to create width and keep yourself steady. Towards the end, use your wrists. That is all it takes to improve your game quite a notch.

Good luck.

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