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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, find 6 business ideas for artists, and ways to work for success it in the industry.

If you are an artist, you have an advantage over society. You’ll be able to earn more money while doing the things you love. You can use your skills to start your business.

However, it is essential to learn how to run the business you’re going to start to ensure that it’ll give you profit.

Business ideas for artists vary. They will depend on the person’s skills, which means other ideas, such as wood carving, may not be appropriate for others.

In this article, we’ll discuss which business ideas will help you align your skills and earn money.

1.   Assist Homeowners with Interior Design

interior designer working on color scheme
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

If you are good at colour combinations and have a good taste for redesigning a home or office, you could use this skill to help people deal with home improvement projects.

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You’ll discuss which colours are perfect for their home and furniture. You also need to tell your clients the current and upcoming trends. Aside from the colour scheme, discussing the budget for home decor items is also essential.

Homeowners love redecorating their homes because they want to live comfortably. Their needs also change. For instance, they are having a baby and want to convert a room into their baby’s room. You can help them choose which colour is perfect for the baby.

2.   Sell Your Works Online

This type of business is perfect for all artists. Online selling has become one of the most popular businesses for many people. Some buy their goods from suppliers and resell them on various online platforms.

As an artist, you’re at an advantage because you don’t need to buy from suppliers. Instead, you can sell your works.

There are many popular and easy things to make and sell. If you have the knack for making things yourself, such as wood carvings or painting, you can make them at home. You don’t need to have your office or website to start it.

You can sell your works through various online marketplaces and social media sites.

3.   Start a Photography Business

Do you love taking photographs? If yes, you can use it to earn money.

There are a couple of ways to get paid for your photograph-taking skills.

You can start by having a studio at your home or renting a space. You can offer services that include a family portrait, nature photography, events, and more. You can also provide home service photo sessions for people who can’t visit your studio. Perhaps they have a tight schedule, so instead of them going to your studio, take your studio to them.

Another way to monetize the pictures you took is to sell them in magazines, book publishers, or sell them online.

4.   Design Cards for All Occasions

woman making a father s day card
Photo by Katya Wolf on

Can you create beautiful cards using design software? Perhaps you’ve done it a couple of times for an event for your friends or family. Don’t let it go to waste. It’s a good business idea.

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Many look for designers to create invitation cards for their weddings or birthdays. This is an opportunity to earn.

Aside from special events, you can also use your designing skills to make business cards, IDs, and flyers for many companies.

You can also sell your digital artwork online. Since NFT is becoming more popular these days, you’ll have more opportunities if you use it to sell your digital arts. Collaborating with various artists is also possible as it creates more opportunities to monetize your digital arts.

5.   Teach Art or Culinary Classes

Many people want to become more familiar with the art industry but don’t know where to start.

You can share your knowledge and skills with others and earn from it. If you have techniques when it comes to painting, you can guide your students on how to do them properly.

This is the same thing when it comes to cooking. Even if you don’t have good taste in colour combinations, you can teach people your recipes. You can teach them your way of cooking specific dishes and cuisines.

The beauty of this type of business is that you can either set up a classroom or online where they register and learn from you virtually. You can also upload your videos on streaming services and become an online influencer.

6.   Open an Art Supply Store

Aside from teaching art, you can also encourage people to explore their creativity by opening an art supply store. You can sell the common items needed for their artwork, such as paint brushes, canvases, different types of paint, and other art-related goods.

You’ll meet a lot of people, from art enthusiasts to beginners. With that, you can get ideas from them for your artwork. At the same time, you can give some pointers or tips to beginners struggling in some areas of their artwork.

You can have a physical store or use the internet to sell them online.

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