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A Potpourri Of Thoughts by Anusha Akella on The Table Read
A Potpourri Of Thoughts

On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, Anusha Akella’s A Potpourri Of Thoughts is a collection of 20 poems written over a period of time and often as a cathartic exercise.

Unassuming and striking a chord with all that pick it up, Anusha Akella’s anthology of twenty poems -A Potpourri of Thoughts – deserves to be read on a lazy afternoon when the impact and resonance of her words can be fully appreciated.

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A Potpourri Of Thoughts

With no singular theme, other than exploring all that it means to be human, the collection is mainly free verse, but with a few Haiku’s thrown in to the poetical mix. And the author’s introduction to each of her works further adds to the reader’s understanding and admiration of her efforts.

Weaving life experiences and encounters into her writings, including her role as a doctor in the NHS during the Pandemic, this truthful and vivid debut anthology will be admired and valued by many.

Anusha Akella on The Table Read
Anusha Akella

A Potpourri of Thoughts is a collection of twenty poems written over a period of time. Although the poems do not all belong to a single theme, they are united by an emotion central to the existence of mankind i.e. the ability to feel and experience life’s ups and downs with utmost presence.

About Anusha Akella

Anusha Akella is a doctor, currently training in psychiatry in the NHS.

She was born and raised in South India and moved to the UK soon after medical school and has been working in the NHS since 2017.  Although having a penchant for writing since childhood, it is mostly in the last five years that she has started to explore her passion.

Anusha Akella says: “Readers might realise that this collection of poems is indeed a mixed bag of some dark, some bittersweet and some purely nostalgic themes, written at different points and reflecting a variety of events and encounters.”

In addition to work and writing, Anusha loves reading classics and painting.  She currently lives in Chester with her husband.

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Published by BookLeaf Publishing, A Potpourri of Thoughts is available in paperback (£5.34) on Amazon at

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