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On The Table Read, “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, artist Phaedra Peer, 32, opens her latest show, Popped Art, on May 9th at London’s White City House.

Popped Art Show

The show’s theme combines both the subjects she studied – criminology and art – against the perma-crisis backdrop the world is facing.

Phaedra Peer, Popped Art Show, on The Table Read
Phaedra Peer

Her work depicts childhood icons that have lost their naivety and instead pose provocatively on the covers of magazines. Phaedra’s work challenges the viewer to look at the familiar with a different lens.

Phaedra Peer

Commenting on her work, Phaedra said:

‘ We are facing dark times at the moment – environmental issues made worse by throw-away consumerism, the rise of the Far Right and its challenges to hard-won rights for minorities, ongoing sexism towards women and all set against the backdrop of the pandemic. Whilst we doom scroll through the media, most of us remain passive when it comes to taking action. The world seems to have lost not just an innocence but also its inner sense – we all seem weary, hence the title of my show – Popped Art’.

Find more now:

Featuring a number of her works over the 4 day exhibition, Popped Art can be seen at Soho House’s White City House located in the BBC’s former Wood Lane Studios.

It opens on May 9th and runs until May 12th, open daily to members of the public from 10am to 6pm. Press night takes place on May 12th from 6pm – 9pm.

Phaedra’s original pieces and prints can be found at www.phaedrapeer.com

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