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Sean F Campbell’s Defying Humdrum tells the story of George Harris, a man who’s fed up with his mundane existence. With an attempted shortcut home one night leading him to the village of Littlewood, he finds the excitement he’s been searching for, but at what cost?

Whilst we’re all guilty of bemoaning our humdrum lives and wanting our worlds to be rattled by adventure and risk, Sean F Campbell’s protagonist, George Harris, has no idea what is in prospect when he accidently stumbles upon the village of Littlewood, whilst taking a shortcut home one night.

Defying Humdrum

This eerie supernatural thriller offers a rollercoaster of plot twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seat as they learn whether George gets out Littlewood in one piece. Writing with a maturity and confidence that belies the fact this is only the author’s second novel; fans of both Stephen King and Iain Rob Wright will devour this book. With its delicious characterisation – from hapless and bored George to Selena, the epitome of his most sordid fantasies and the devil incarnate in the form of Mr Sneed, Defying Humdrum undoubtedly seals Sean F Campbell’s reputation as an author of note.

Defying Humdrum by Sean F Campbell, on The Table Read

Life does not always adhere to the plans we have in place for it. Some of us are satisfied with the cards we are dealt; others remain bitter. George Harris had big dreams and ambitions but now flounders in a sea of discontent.

Any friends he once had have long-since left him behind, and his life now consists of nothing more than a loveless marriage and a dead-end job. Nobody seems to share his life’s passions and the trends of the modern world do little to stimulate him. He desperately craves something more in his time on earth – to feel alive instead of just existing.

All hope seems lost until the night he stumbles upon a quaint little village that changes his world entirely. A grizzly reality lurks beneath this new-found paradise and George soon discovers that things which seem too good to be true often are.

About Sean F Campbell

“I’m really excited to release Defying Humdrum and am sure readers will enjoy accompanying George on his journey. As a new and upcoming author, my main ambition is for my work to be read far and wide so I have kept the price as low as I can. I’m currently working on a number of new projects and am looking forward to releasing book number three in the near future.”

Sean F Campbell is a new and upcoming author who has just published his second full-length novel ‘Defying Humdrum.’

This new story arrives following the success of his first book, ‘Judge.’ His debut was a gritty revenge thriller based in Liverpool, England. This latest release remains set in the North-West and delves into the supernatural, exploring just how far a person will go to live out their life’s desires.

Sean studied journalism at Liverpool John Moores University and has written for a number of different newspapers including the Liverpool Echo and the North Wales Daily Post. He was also a radio DJ on one of the Costa Blanca’s biggest radio stations, Sunshine FM.

Originally hailing from North Wales, Sean has deep family roots in Liverpool and spent a great portion of his life between the two before moving abroad to Spain. Now having returned to the UK, he is settled in the city of Norwich.

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Independently published and available in paperback (£6.95) and Kindle format (£1.99), Defying Humdrum is available on Amazon at and respectively

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