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Written by Josette Celeste

“Entreat” – Josette Celeste

The waves crashed against the stone giants, battling for power in their force.
Towering over them, I felt their energy–betting against the broken waters.

The opposition sprinkled the air with its defeat,
and said goodbye with a gentle kiss on my cheek.

Every tenth wave tried harder than the previous nine,
but still crashed and grumbled only to join the divine.

It was magic, standing there with you—the sun hugged us tighter than we could hug ourselves.

Kiss me, then, like those waves clinging to life.
Stand with me and face them strong.
Tell me all the things I’m meant to hear,
and where it all went wrong.

But, above all else—be you, before you fizzle away.
Share you with me unlike these waves on the bay.

Don’t retreat, but if you must, know I was real and genuine in my care.
Somehow, I managed to find you and you led me there.

Thank you, regardless, for taking me to nature’s rafters.
Guiding me to something we both felt we were after.

In the end, just as the sun set and the waves dissolved,
I let go and all of my burning questions resolved.

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Josette Celeste is an American adventurer living in Wales.




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One thought on “Entreat – Poem by Josette Celeste”
  1. Wow Josette, I applaud you, what beautiful, soulful poetry you write. Gentle yet strong… Impressive 💕

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