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Meeting Irishman James McCann aged just 15, T.A. Bannon shares her incredible story of finding the love of her life, a major player in the Troubles of 1970’s Ireland. Following their lives across locations including Paris, Holland, Belfast and Kenya, her story then takes another turn on meeting Britain’s best known drugs smuggler,  Howard Marks.

In a story that you couldn’t make up, T.A. Bannon shares the first instalment of her life story with the man described as “possibly the most effective arms supplier” for the  IRA in the 1970s.*  And if that wasn’t enough, the couple go on to be entangled in the life and dealings of drug dealer Howard Marks (aka Mr Nice as known in his autobiography and Netflix film).

McCann, Marks and Me

McCann, Marks And Me by T.A. Bannon on The Table Read

The year is 1969, age 15, she is preparing for her school exams. If she gets the results she needs, her hope is to go to Art college. During a school swimming lesson she meets the beguiling man who will for good or bad alter her life forever. She ran away to Ireland to be with Jim. She had no real idea who he was or what part he was playing in the events of that time.

McCann, Marks and Me spins a biting tale based on true events that take the reader through the deepest and darkest corners of life and love with all its emotional turbulence.

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About T.A. Bannon

T.A. Bannon lives in a small city in southern England. She has four children and, so far, seven grandchildren.

She is retired and spends her time reading, gardening, doing D.I.Y, babysitting and now writing. This is her first book. She is now busy working on the second one.

“When I am 15 and still at school I attend a school swimming lesson. The lifeguard that day is an Irishman James McCann. We begin a relationship. One evening I receive a phone call from Jim, he is fleeing England the police are not far behind. After some months of not hearing from him he sends a friend to help me get out of England to be with him in Ireland. I leave my entire life behind to join him.

“This book is about my personal life with Jim the man I knew and loved who just happened to be a freedom fighter /terrorist depending on your viewpoint. Also our relationship with Howard who just happened to be a drug dealer/ legalize cannabis activist  again depending on your viewpoint.

“It also taps into the current interest in the 1970,s especially as the film Belfast has just been released in America and will soon be released here.”

Reviews For McCann, Marks And Me:

“A really fascinating read about the power of love and the adventures of a young girl who falls for man much older and with a secret to hide…. I couldn’t put it down, highly recommend!” – Lisa

“I read this book over two days. Compelling story. Well written warts and all book. A very young girl growing up fast in dubious company.
Highs & lows with nothing held back. A very sad story towards the end. A follow on book is a must as it leaves you wondering what happens to her at the end.” – Dave

“This is a brilliant book; I couldn’t put it down. I would definitely recommend, it’s both interesting and exciting, a story about how powerful love can be and an amazing look into the secret lives of some really infamous characters of the early 1970’s. If you like a great story based on true events, this has everything. Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks” – Book Lover

“Wow! This was a great read. Full of highs and lows. You certainly connect with the main character and live life with her. The author has done a wonderful job of painting pictures of the environment and emotions. A great book to go along with the film “Belfast” which is in theatres now. The book feels like fiction and my heart aches for the main character.” – Kim – Amazon US

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