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We are looking for new talent to feature on The Table Read.

At The Table Read, Is the best celebrate creativity Magazine Such as Actors, singers, designers, podcasters, authors. We share their work with our audience.
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We are looking for contributors who can excite readers, inspire writers, and celebrate creativity. Our focus is on writing and story, fiction and non-fiction. If you are working on something that would suit this platform, get in touch.

If you’re an author, writer, blogger, actor, reviewer or anybody who uses writing to get a message that matters to you across to the world, you could find a platform for your work here. We are always open to suggestions for features you think we could give a home.

Each article is edited to fit the layout and SEO style of The Table Read, and graphics are created to our own style. Posts are then shared across social media, both in quote form and info graphics.

We have recently launched the Get To Know… series on YouTube. This will be a series of videos made by writers, artists, podcasters, actors, filmmakers etc, answering questions about their work in video format. These videos are going onto the Siren Stories YouTube Channel to be promoted across all our social platforms.

If you have a book, blog, magazine or newsletter that you want to promote then this is the platform for you. Share details of what motivates you, how you use writing to accomplish your goal, and what you have achieved so far. Reach a new audience of excited readers, and inspire a new generation of passionate writers.

There is no cost to you for this opportunity.

Premium Service

Due to high demand, we are not able to respond to emails as quickly as we would like. We’re still a very small team, and the number of people wanting to feature on The Table Read is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes people who want their information going out urgently, or on a specific date, are missing out on the opportunity. We’ve set the Premium Service to £20 per article so, when preferred, contact is marked as urgent and will get responded to faster. To take advantage of the Premium Service, use our Paypal Tip Jar and email your reference number to

This does not mean we will stop putting out free promotion and remain committed to supporting the artistic and creative communities.

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If you’ve had a positive experience of reading or writing for The Table Read, please consider leaving a review for us on our parent company, Siren Stories.

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2 thought on “Apply To Feature On The Table Read”
  1. I would be honored to be a guest at one of your table reads in April, 2022.(poetry Season) I think as a self published author of poetry and song writer, I can help shine light on different aspects of literature along with sharing my journey of migrating from Harlem New York City to Switzerland. you can find my book, on amazon, Barnes and nobles, book stores. The title of my book is The poetical Journey by Jason Jones. pleae feel fre to contact me in regards to readings, workshops, and Q&A^s, online. I look forward to read at your table
    thank You in Advance
    Jason Jones

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