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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, R. F. Moore releases fourth book in the Inspector Keane Series, Something Special, about treachery within the 1960’s British Establishment.

In his fourth Inspector Keane series, R F Moore’s 1960’s DC finds himself seconded to Q5, a shadowy section of the London Met. With treachery afoot in the British Establishment, Keane discovers that truth isn’t as straightforward as he thought.

1960’s Set Thriller Series

Pleasing all those who love a good thriller, and especially those whose remember the ‘good old days’ of the 1960s, R F Moore’s fourth outing of his amiable DC John Keane is a page turner with treachery and patriotism at its heart.

Something Special by R.F. Moore on The Table Read
Something Special

Highlighting the covert and gritty goings on in the British intelligence services back in the day, Something Special offers a plot that is hard to second guess and fully immerses the reader in a time when forensics was in its infancy and good old sleuthing was the only way to get ‘your man’. 

An easy and entertaining read, DC John Keane’s loyal followers will be hoping that case number five for this engaging copper isn’t too long in the coming.

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Something Special

In the early 1960s John Keane is a young Detective Constable seconded to Q5, a shadowy section of London’s Met.

He is assigned to work with Inspector Harries, a ruthless Q5 officer, who is investigating some treacherous activities by certain members of the British Establishment.

Q5 are convinced that a Government department is the key to this web of intrigue. A former employee was about to supply evidence of the treachery, but dies unexpectedly just as Q5’s investigation is starting.

R.F. Moore on The Table Read
R.F. Moore

In the grim and murky world of intelligence activities, trust is a fragile commodity and Keane learns that truth is not always a matter of cold facts. As the case progresses, it becomes clear that actions seen as patriotism by one person are regarded as treachery by another.

About R.F. Moore

R.F. Moore is a UK-based writer of fiction and of lyrics who also works as a technical writer for food and agribusiness.

He is the author of the ‘Inspector Keane’ series of crime novels with three published to date, and the fourth just published in 2022.

He has also co-written lyrics for a large number of songs as well as producing tracks for many independent bands.

R.F. Moore was brought up in North London and was educated at Highgate School and the London School of Economics. He now lives in North Yorkshire.

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Published by Ahead Publishing, Something Special is available from the author’s website at: or in Kindle format (£5.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at

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