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Dr Raman K Attri, The Table Read

Written by Dr Raman K Attri

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It Was You All Along

I feel “that girl” was you indeed,
Whom years upon years I waited.
Fragrance of whos body I felt so often,
As the thrush of air around me circulated.

I felt your presence through every sunrise,
I saw you in scarlet sunset at the horizons.
I’ve spent long and restless nights, I feel,
For you, deep in my thoughts and passions.

In my hazy dreams since adolescence,
I remember your face flashing crystal clear
In the beats of my own heart
I know your heartbeat sounded so familiar.

I’ve seen this immense beauty
That your dusky complexion imparts.
I’ve felt the tightness of your hugs,
Embracing me with soft warmths.

Like tinkling of wind chimes,
I’ve heard your soothing voice before.
The innocence in your talks,
I’m sure I was smitted by them before.

In the depth of your dark bold eyes,
I had drowned myself a long time ago.
The incessant desire to make you mind
I feel I’ve posessed from the years ago.

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