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A century-old prison in Vilnius will welcome international music enthusiasts to a brand new music event. 8 Festival will showcase established and rising music talents from the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden, and other countries, a carefully curated program, and unique historical background in the city center.

This summer Lukiškės Prison 2.0—the most famous confinement facility in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania—will host a brand new music festival. The selection of indie, punk, electronic, and other genre artists will entertain modern music enthusiasts from June 17 to June 19, 2022.

8 Festival

Netflix-Famous Prison in Vilnius Welcomes New International Music Festival in The Table Read

8 Festival, organized by Lithuanian music agency 8 Days A Week, will feature a global lineup of established artists and emerging acts: German techno trio Moderat, Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys, Britain’s rock band Black Country, New Road, American experimental musician Yves Tumor, a noise-rock quartet from Ireland Gilla Band, as well as the Tik Tok sensation Sub Urban, to name a few.

The organizing agency has been operating from Lukiškės Prison 2.0 since last spring. Having already launched a number of projects, concerts, and other activities, the agency has proved its contribution to turning the former prison into one of the capital’s most favored cultural venues.

Therefore, according to Martynas Butkevičius, head of bookings at 8 Days A Week, the century-old premises inspired the agency to play on its unique status as a prison-turned-arts cluster, bringing along the international community of artists and spectators.

Netflix Stranger Things

Although Lukiškės Prison terminated its activities as a confinement facility in 2019, it made its name as a cultural hub last year when over 350 artists set up their studios and workshops on its premises. The facility has already gained international recognition when Netflix used it for filming the upcoming season of Stranger Things, and now hosts cultural, modern art, and live music events, as well as day/night tours.

Netflix-Famous Prison in Vilnius Welcomes New International Music Festival in The Table Read

“8 Festival is a new festival for true music lovers. This is Vilnius. This is our life. Lukiškės Prison 2.0 is our home and creative playground, and one of the most incredible live performance spaces in the Baltics,” Butkevičius said. “All local and international talents and household names will help us to create musical magic, leaving the ordinary affairs and problems behind us, and inspiring everyone visiting Vilnius and Lukiškės.”

Rising Talents In Music

Festival identity, programming choices, brand reputation, and the pursuit of rising talents and new music will be also entrenched across the online platforms through hashtag #mybloodyfestival. The organizers aim to use the hashtag to connect with fans and encourage them to dive into the explorations of new music genres, and up-and-coming artists.

Only 3000 spectators will be able to enjoy the carefully curated program, outstanding art installations, and top-notch food due to the limited prison capacity. To accommodate the everchanging COVID-19 landscape, the event will also be organized in compliance with all future regulations and safety measures.

About Go Vilnius

Go Vilnius is the official tourism and business development agency of the City of Vilnius. The agency provides visitors, investors, and businesses with all the essential information about the Lithuanian capital.

Vilnius 700th Anniversary

Throughout 2022-2023 Vilnius will be having a number of city-wide cultural, educational, and art events to celebrate its 700th anniversary in 2023. In 1323 Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, mentioned the city for the very first time in his letters to foreign merchants and craftsmen, and the date, January 25th,  has been attributed to the official origins of Vilnius as a city. The 700th anniversary next year will highlight the colorful history of the capital, strengthen the ties with the city residents and guests, and boost the global recognition of Vilnius.

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