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RtistiQ, a curated online art platform that connects art lovers with the digital and physical realms of art, announced that it will hold an NFT art auction featuring the works of Ukrainian artists for charity.  All proceeds will be given directly to them. On The Table Read, The Best entertainment magazine in the UK.

The online auction will take place from 7-10 April 2022 on the RtistiQ website.


RtistiQ has been at the forefront of bringing unique NFT use cases through digital NFTs. This aligns with its corporate vision of enhancing the art experience using technology.

RtistiQ Announces Charity NFT Art Auction To Support Ukrainian Artists on The Table Read

In February this year, the platform had brought out exclusive Digital NFTs of iconic artworks by the legendary artist Raja Ravi Varma, an Indian national treasure. Further had announced one-of-the-kind digital NFTs by female artists, taking the cause of the under-representation of women artists.

Ukrainian Artists

In the process of shortlisting artists for NFT Drop by female artists and in conversations with Ukrainian artists for the same, one of RtistiQ’s curators realised that the war had ravaged the lives of so many talented artists. They had fled and took refuge and had no access to any of their physical artworks. The artists had lost their homes and the paintings which were both their source of income and inspiration.

In light of the evolving situation, RtistiQ decided to postpone the NFT art auction for female artists by a few weeks and instead pledge to support humanitarian relief efforts in the ‘RtistiQ way’ – using the intersection of art and technology. The RtistiQ team is working very closely with the artists of Ukraine for this auction initiative. 

The artists who have given the gift of art to the world require significant aid.  The funds raised from the auction will provide urgent assistance to the artists impacted first hand by the tragedy and exodus.  The company hopes the money will help protect their lives, freedom and liberty.


RtistiQ anticipates an auction where generous bidders will pitch in to help lessen the burden of those suffering in this massive humanitarian crisis.  Participating artists and their chosen works for the NFT drop will be announced soon. 

There has been an explosive rise of NFTs among the crypto community as an investment or money baking asset, especially in 2021.  But from this has also emerged a more altruistic form, that is charity making its way into NFTs that allows money to be raised for good in a transparent way.

About RtistiQ 

RtistiQ is at the forefront of a journey to empower the art market ecosystem.  It has developed a unique art platform and community that has adopted Blockchain, NFT and NFC technologies to bring the much-needed transparency in the art sector. RtistiQ is the first NFT backed platform for artworks across traditional and digital mediums connecting artists from over 40  countries with art lovers across all categories of works. 

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