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The Indian Farmers Protest (The Resistance Collection)

The Largest Protest in Human History 2020-2021

Author Sir-Inder Deol

“The ongoing protests come after a nationwide demonstration Thursday, when an estimated 250 million workers, farmers and their allies joined in what’s believed to be the largest organized strike in history anywhere in the world. Organizers say tens of thousands of demonstrators have now gathered at each of New Delhi’s three borders, in cold winter conditions.” Democracy Now 03/12/2020.

The Indian Farmers Protest

MP Tan Dhesi pictured with James Broomfield, a trustee of the freedom of expression nonprofit organisation, the Deol Foundation U.K. on The Table Read
MP Tan Dhesi pictured with James Broomfield, a trustee of the freedom of expression nonprofit organisation, the Deol Foundation U.K.

The eagerly anticipated book relating to The Indian Farmers Protest is officially being released on Tuesday 11th January 2022. Tan Dhesi is featured in the book for his contribution in highlighting the struggle of the Indian farmers issue within U.K parliament. Dhesi was a vocal supporter of the people’s right to participate in peaceful protest.

Author Sir-Inder Deol has included the Slough MP in this critically acclaimed poetry collection, in recognition of his efforts. Others honourable mentions include comedian Russell Brand, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, pop star Rihanna and environmentalist Greta Thunberg. A potent mix of politics, celebrity, and activism.

The Deol Foundation

James Broomfield, on behalf of the Deol Foundation ‘We are committed to promoting freedom of expression and human rights. This fantastic new book is part of that journey. We would like to thank Tan Dhesi for his support on these pivotal issues. Please go out and support the book. We have lots of exiting projects coming up in 2022, including an online human rights arts exhibition.’

Sir-Inder Deol’s mastery of the poetic word transports the reader directly into the forefront of the largest mass protest in human history. His tone eloquently reflects a combination of the personal and collective struggle of the agitators, inviting readers to both question and better understand the political and corporate cogs of society. It literally makes you want to go out and protest! The Resistance Collection, whilst containing a rich insight into the Indian farmers’ protest, also crosses over. A modern-day inspirational manual of sorts for activists and reformers worldwide.

Sir-Inder Deol

Sir-Inder Deol is a poet, a human rights activist, and a strong advocate of freedom of speech and expression. He published The Deol Foundation’s Indian Human Rights Report in March 2021, the first report of its kind during the historic struggle. Writing and poetry are his passions.

In 2020 Sir-Inder decided to start a foundation that bore the family name. Focusing on freedom of expression, human rights, environmental rights, and social impact. The foundation has created projects worldwide to support this agenda.

One of the programmes includes Academic Research, run by up-and-coming scholars. Covering a wide range of topics, the project has gained support from Internationally established senior academics. Sir-Inder has also helped to establish the emerging publishing house TDF Books, which is dedicated to publications that fall within the parameters of the afore mentioned areas of focus.

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