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On The Table Read, “the best arts magazine in the UK“, find out the best social media strategies for artists to get their work seen and attract buyers.

NFT and digital art may be booming, but serious collectors are still very much interested in traditional art, with popular exhibitions garnering thousands of visits a day. For artists who are new to the industry, having their art exhibited may be key to their continuance in the profession, since one show has the potential to put them in touch with serious investors, collectors, and representatives who can take their career to the next level. If you are a passionate artist who wants to share your vision with audiences and buyers, how can you catch the eye of savvy galleries and curators via social media?

Harnessing the Power of Instagram

Research indicates that the percentage of art buyers using Instagram to discover new artists has risen significantly over the past few years, with one 2020 survey showing that 87% of buyers have relied on this social media app for this purpose. Just a few artists who have jumpstarted their careers by selling directly to buyers via Instagram include Julia Powell, Juliette Hayt, and Maggi McDonald. In order to get your work seen by as many eyes as possible, post high-quality art and interact with your followers assiduously.

woman painting outdoors
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Don’t limit your content to completed pieces; rather, post photographs of your studio and your process as well. Use features such as Stories, Instagram Live, and photographs of your daily life to create a personal connection. You will probably find that spending under half an hour on Instagram a day is enough to generate the required interest.

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Sharing Your Knowledge with Others

As part of your effort to build brand awareness and attract the attention of curators, consider sharing your process with your audience in a more intimate way. Show how your technique works via easy, attractive, fun videos lasting under a minute. If you have a special technique, you can incorporate it into easy tutorials on how to recreate well-loved items from nature like trees, wildlife, or flowers. People love learning to sketch roses, leaves, and simple trees.

If you are an abstract artist, think of how to transform these popular subjects into your chosen style. Go out into nature to up the appeal of your video. People love contemplating the Great Outdoors, as it soothes and de-stresses them. Change up your backdrops and give them content your audiences will find useful as well as amusing.

Using the Right Hashtags

Make it easy for galleries, curators, and buyers to find you by using the right keywords in your blog, and hashtags in your social media sites. Don’t use terms that will have millions of entries (for instance, #art). Try using narrower terms like #abstractart #graphic art or #collectibleart.

For your website and blog, research into the terms that people might use to find your site. Avoid generic terms like ‘painter’, ‘sculptor’ or ‘NFT artist’. Make it more specific by including your location, your speciality (e.g. ‘underwater photography’, ‘abstract impressionist artist’, ‘animal sculptures’, or ‘bespoke portraits’).

Create informative, entertaining blog entries, upload video, and include attractive imagery so your site gains a regular audience. Include useful categories on your page (including your bio, statement, work, and contact details) and organize them neatly. Use alt text to describe the image you upload and make sure to include your name in this text.

Finally, if you use WordPress, avail of Yoast to help you write titles and meta descriptions with optimal SEO rankings.

Creating Powerful Connections

Approximately 93% of people working in marketing rely on influencer marketing for one powerful reason: it is an effective, quick, and lucrative strategy that raises brand awareness exponentially. Choose relevant influencers and when you approach them, make your email personal. Offer a couple of content ideas, without seeming too ‘bossy’. Think of how you can benefit them as well, perhaps offering your artwork in exchange for their services.

Many new artists are being discovered by top buyers and collectors on social media. To ensure you reach your target market, upload dynamic, interesting content assiduously. Work on your website or blog, enticing viewers with authentically valuable content and powerful, well-described visuals.

Finally, leverage the power of influencer marketing by allying with influencers who move and shake the art world or who have celebrity status in your area or beyond.

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