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On The Table Read, “The Best Book Reader Magazine in the UK“, The Blood Crystal launches Matt Twinley’s new young adult Trucekeeper book series, with a diabetic human girl finding her way in a world of magic at its heart.

A spellbinding launch to Matt Twinley’s new YA Trucekeepers Saga, readers of The Blood Crystal are quickly immersed into a fantasy adventure in which the author has skillfully blended creatures from various mythologies and folklores to become key characters.

The Blood Crystal

Innovatively, this debut author also puts diabetes centre stage in his plot. Pulling on first-hand experience (his wife suffers from Type 1 diabetes),the author transforms the disease from a debilitating one to a unique magical strength that ultimately saves his very relatable protagonist, Hannah.

The Blood Crystal by Matt Twinley on The Table Read
The Blood Crystal

Intriguing, entertaining and written to a pace and with a voice relevant to its YA readership, The Blood Crystal is an accomplished first volume of a series that will be devoured by fans of this genre.

Long ago, a battle was fought against the dark Etheria, creatures who wanted control of the world. Now, Etheria are kept hidden by Trucekeepers. They’re just myths… or are they?

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Hannah is a frustrated sixteen-year-old—fed up with school, her diabetes and desperate to find somewhere she belongs. Daegan is a Trucekeeper—a fearless warrior with a dark past, sworn to keep the existence of mythical creatures a secret.

Their lives couldn’t be more different… But everything changes when a magical blood crystal brings them together.

After Daegan saves Hannah from a vicious zburător, Hannah discovers the existence of Etheria, mythical creatures from all around the world, hidden by the Trucekeepers for centuries.

As Daegan trains her to become a Trucekeeper, Hannah rubs shoulders with Etheria, learns how to cast magic and finds somewhere she can finally call home… until she discovers that her mysterious past is the key to a war that could destroy the Trucekeepers and her new home forever.

About Matt Twinley

Matt Twinley author of The Blood Crystal
Matt Twinley

The Blood Crystal blends creatures from different mythologies and folklore from around the world – not just Greek or Norse monsters etc. Within the story are creatures you’ll be familiar with as well as ones you’ll have never heard of. As a former teacher, I love that I can continue teaching through my books.

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“I was also keen that the main character has Type 1 diabetes since the book’s unique magic system is based around diabetes. This was inspired by my wife who has had the condition for most of her life and her frustration that it’s rarely represented in books, film or TV. While many books are pushing for racial/ LGBT diversity, disability representation (particularly diabetes) is not getting the same recognition yet.”

Matt Twinley is the author of The Blood Crystal, the first book in his young adult fantasy series The Trucekeeper Saga. After graduating the University of St. Andrews, Matt flitted from job to job, working as a wine merchant, audio transcriber and English teacher, all the while wanting to be a writer. He penned plays for schools, blog posts, film reviews and several projects he swears will never see the light of day. It was only while daydreaming in class as a teaching assistant that he planned his first book.

Matt lives in Surrey, UK with his wife whose Type 1 diabetes inspired the magic system featured in The Blood Crystal. He can usually be found hiding indoors scribbling away on a new story, researching something bizarre or lost in a video-game, film or book. If you find him outside, he’s either at a restaurant, bookshop or cinema—otherwise he’s lost.

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Published by Twin Bee Books, The Blood Crystal is available in Kindle format (£4.99), paperback (£9.99)and hardcover (£14.99) on Amazon at

The US edition is available at

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