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Written by Ming Xing

The Media Pioneers

(21st September 2021 – London) The Media Pioneers (TMP), the London-based distributor specialising in kids and feature film content, today announces a pre-sale to TF1 for a unique animation series based on the works of Spanish painter, Joan Miro. 


Mironins, distributed by The Media Pioneers, on The Table Read

‘Mironins’ (26 x 7’) is an adventure-filled animation series starring three tiny paint drops –  Ro, Low and Blu – who have escaped from one of Joan Miro’s paintings, to explore the museum where they live. The series is a 2D, non-dialogue animation with a unique mix of music, art and comedy aimed at kids.

TF1 has acquired the series as a pre-sale for its kids channel Tfoumax, joining an international line up of broadcasters airing the show in 2021, including RTVE’s Clan for Spain, TVC’s Super 3 for Catalonia and VRT’s Ketnet, the Flemish kids platform in Belgium.

The Series

Maggie Liang, Managing Director at TMP said; “We are delighted to distribute ‘Mironins’ in EMEA and APAC. It is a unique concept in the market with high production quality and compelling storylines, offering young audiences a new way to engage with art and comedy”.

Daphné de Beauffort, EVP Youth Programs and Diversification at TF1 said: “This series is a nice way to immerse in the artist’s paintings through visual gags and situations with cute little characters, and combine fun and educational content at the same time”.

Yago Fandiño, RTVE’s Director of Children’s Content said: “When we heard about Mironins we discovered a brave and funny series which proves that art, entertainment and good music can coexist in a children’s work. Miró himself would have been proud of it”.

Xavier Romero, Director of Children and Youth Programs at TVC said: “This is a project as shining as the painter’s essence which keeps the Mediterranean touch of Joan Miró”.

Mikel Mas Bilbao of Mironins production company Low Films said: “The painter’s work is not a destination but a starting point for children to discover the endless possibilities of art. The Mironins’ museum is a living place to enjoy, be fascinated, inspire others, and discover that we all have a skill that makes us special and unique: the ability to imagine and the talent to create.”

The Media Pioneers

TMP distributes ‘Mironins’ in the EMEA and APAC regions.

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