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Dr Susan Maples, author of Brave Parent, on The Table Read
Susan Maples DDS

Written by Dr Susan Maples


While I believe each one of us has a book-waiting-to-be-written, this one has been brewing in my heart and mind for as long as I am old.  I was born with a number of health challenges and they got much worse before they got better.  In some ways my entire career has been a debt paid forward to a few people who helped me recapture my wellbeing during my adolescence.

With the help of a profoundly influential doctor and a supportive family, I was coached into the driver’s seat of my own health journey. I overtook my conditions and restrictions and ascended from a chronically ill, highly allergic, oxygen- and sleep-deprived kid to a young adult enjoying medication-free optimal health and fitness.   (My personal story is the preface of Brave Parent.)

Working in Healthcare

As a total health dentist, I have always (and all-ways) had a keen eye on every aspect of my patients’ overall health. Caring deeply for them over the past 36 years, while witnessing our country’s health decline, I feel like I have lived in the front passenger seat of an ugly train wreck. 

We are amidst the greatest downward trajectory in health in the history of the human race. And not from communicable diseases (such as COVID) but from non-communicable, preventable diseases (such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression/anxiety, addiction, and the list goes on). 

Raising A Child In Today’s World

This book, Brave Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy Kids (against all odds) in Today’s World, is part of my personal, passionate contribution to our future. I am clinging to a vision:  If we can raise a whole troop of kids with beliefs, skills and habitual behaviors for a lifetime of health, we can start a movement that will upend these abysmal trends. Want to join me? The Brave Parent book helps parents (and their children) remember who we are supposed to be, as healthy, happy humans. 

Dr Susan Maples, author of Brave Parent, on The Table Read

Most of us have wished each child came with their own manual, right? The truth is that parents need directions today, more than ever.   Last week I was getting ready to perform a tongue release surgery on a two-day old baby. During the pre-clinical consultation, the mom exclaimed “We find it terrifying to raise a child in today’s world, compared to when we were kids!”  That’s a statement historically declared by the baby’s grandparents, but this mama was only twenty-eight! She was a kid just a decade ago and SO much as changed even since then.  It is scary! 

Today’s challenges in raising a child to grow strong in body, mind and spirit are dizzyingly complex.  I wrote this book to help wanna-be Brave Parents sort out these critical issues and set forth actionable plans to raise healthy happy kids.

Writing Brave Parent

Writing this book was one of the most gratifying and FUN experiences I’ve had in my professional career. It was a challenging process because it really needed to be “evidence-based”. That means every health-ful declaration I made had to be backed by the most current and validated research.  So, every section of every chapter gobbled up hours and hours of study.  

As a health educator, being a perpetual student has become my hobby, not just by job, but it was a grave responsibility.  In this book I wanted to make sure I was giving you the very best advice I could, at this point in health-science history.  

But knowledge alone doesn’t change lives, does it? Shifting behavior does!  So along with the facts, I set out to give you an energy bank of enthusiasm and confidence to make behavior change happen.  Just like we tell our kids…if you can string together one good choice after another, you’ll not only feel great about your collective parenting efforts but reap the benefits for decades to come. Healthy children will be your greatest gifts.  

There is no greater joy than watching your children grow up healthy and happy enough to blast their own dreams into reality as young adults…and then to pass that legacy on to your grandchildren.

Journey To Publication

Writing Brave Parent was a blast. It was a night-and-day difference from my first book-writing journey. What marked the difference?  This time I was blessed to meet an awesome book coach who inspired me throughout the entire process. She not only shared my values, intellect and funny bone but she was a parent of young children too, and hungry for the message. Even the name of Lauren’s company (Burning Soul Press) was aligned with our shared mission—to publish purposeful work that serves the world.  

If you are an author, or thinking about becoming one, try finding your accountability partner—someone who believes in your message and delights in helping you fulfill your vision. 

Brave Parent became an over-arching health manual for launching awe-inspiring kids in today’s world. As with other health-focused books, it’s gets a bit “sciency” at times, but it’s written in language parents (and doctors of all specialties) can easily understand.  It will answer your most pressing questions about your kids’ health, and just might help you parent yourself back to optimal health at the same time. 

Love For My Book

The parts I most enjoyed writing were the real-life anecdotes.   I chalked this book full of delightful and funny parent-kid stories from my own experiences as a daughter, a mother and a personally invested health professional.  I am grateful to my patients also who let me tell their stories too.   I hope It will make you laugh out loud and tear up at times, because emotions help enliven the thinking brain and stimulate indelible learning.

Happy reading and happy writing to all of you!  Remember the quote by Margaret Mead’s quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed criticizes can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has!” 

Join the movement at Beabraveparent.com in an all-out effort to grow a healthier, happier tomorrow.   

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